Tell You (Feel Like That)

by Wild Lyle

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Just telling people how I feel. Getting some things off my chest


Damn girl you know I never liked you
So I’m writing this letter just to spite you
Which is kind of weird cause I’m not even spiteful
Well you hated me first cause I’m an a-hole
That’s a lie cause I seen the dudes you bring home
And even when my money calling you aint
So I guess you did keep it real, you fake
When you see me on stage, I catch you faint
Like you were shocked and all so appalled
Just a brother in Paris playing Hard ball
You were trying to see if you could find another Harbaugh
During off weeks swinging at the golf balls
Your relationship status should say mothballs
Or wear a t-shirt that says bar crawls
Cause I see you in the club every fucking night
And I’m in the same club damn fucking right


Yeah, Yeah I’m really feeling like that
I know these other people want my feelings hijacked
I pen a little letter, they don’t even write back
Is it so wrong I gotta say so long

Verse 2

I know I’m not felt by the masses
They don’t really like me, the vision no glasses
Try to speak with precision no one answers
Just a couple wolves with some country ass dancers
You from long island, but you live upstate
I don’t care if you great, if you from that place
And you moved to where, such a disgrace
I never heard of it, disservice is what you earning
You can talk about what you learning
And if you were ever those cats that were emerging
Just know you gotta deal with all of those sneaky serpents
Looking over my shoulder making me feel nervous
Really just jealous and making me feel worthless
At least for them, I guess they found a purpose
But for me it’s the same old thing
I gladly take the burdens that they place on me

Verse 3

You could be the best if you try to
I know it’s hard going forward in the cycle
I mean I mean I know the fans will like you
It’s not just a friend thing it’s a whole world
Out there to expand while I’m shaking hands
Trying to make moves, so we can make grands
You gotta think crazy to have tremendous plans
And you know I’m insane kind of off the rocker
I’ll ride to the end for a Cyndi Lauper
Won’t even need honey on the side
Steady getting money when we fortified
Shows overseas, collabos over there
Product of my land, and I’ve been everywhere
First time for everything, are you ever scared
Just be prepared when they follow through
Step by step will have whole the nation follow you


released October 1, 2014
Written by William Harrison




Wild Lyle New York, New York

Wild Lyle is an eclectic mix of refreshing Hip Hop and Positive vibes. Wild Lyle brings lyrics and energy to every stage show. Fresh off of his Word of Mouth Tour, Wild Lyle is building towards the future with new projects with various artists around the United States. Fans should expect to hear a combination of quick wit and a renewed consciousness missing from today’s mainstream music. ... more

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